Bicycle Shops

 Thank you Boise for your support! Lookin' forward to keepin' the wheeIs rollin' 2009 was the start of something better than the rest. The Boise Bike Wrench!!

The Boise Bike Wrench is COMMITTED to Mother Earth and making a difference. How is The Bike Wrench different the rest?:

The Boise Bike Wrench's trailer and home shop are SOLAR POWERED! The solar panels installed on the roof of my trailer and the roof of my garage supply the energy needs to work on your bike! Air compressor, parts cleaning solvent tank, computer (including internet access), phone, lighting and water heating electricity needs are met daily by THE POWER OF THE SUNSHINE!! Even working Mobile!

The Boise Bike Wrench DOES NOT ADVERTISE IN TRADITIONAL PRINTED MEDIA OF ANY KIND! That means NO YELLOW / WHITE PAGE phonebook or Newspaper advertising.  The Bike Wrench gets the word out by setting up shop where the cyclists are, the Internet and satisfied customer referrals are the ONLY Forms of advertising I currently support.

100% of The Boise Bike Wrench invoicing is done by computer and all invoices are emailed as apposed to giving you a printed receipt saving trees and keeping us both on the same page.  You can even pay directly from my invoicing saving us both a trip to the bank and the paper of writing a check and mailing it or cash.

The Boise Bike Wrench uses, sells and recommends 100% Earth Friendly 100% plant based lubricating and cleaning agents from Dumonde Tech Lubricants and Simple Green. I even filter and re-use cleaning agents!

The Bike Wrench Recycles ALL packaging and old parts.  I patch and find creative uses for old tubes, tires and anything else I can. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle The Boise Bike Wrench is committed to THE CYCLE!

The Bike Wrench motor vehicles are all serviced using synthetic lubricants. I combine and schedule pick up and delivery using GPS Technology to reduce time spent driving and fuel wasted. The Next Bike Wrench Upgrade and goal with your continued support will be Hybrid Vehicle for towing The Bike Wrench Trailer!(Sponsorship anyone????)

Use The Bike Wrench Bloodhound to find the BEST deals on the stuff you need! EVERYTHING to live and play outdoors!